Archive | April 4, 2013

Today’s decluttered item – emotional clutter

No time for reflection on goals and becoming beautiful.

Just another item removed from my over-full cupboard.

Don’t think you only have to declutter large items. Removing small items adds up.

You know my philosophy – if I am not using it or don’t like it, out it goes.

I bought this hat many years ago at an outdoor music festival. The sun was hot and I needed something as I was getting burnt. This was all there was for sale. So this hat reminds me of the last outdoor festival I attended – before I became an old fogey.

Since then I haven’t used it and am unlikely to ever wear again.

I definitely don’t look gorgeous in it.

So why do I mourn its disposal?

When I was little my father bought me the same hat. I was so jealous as he bought the same colour for my sister and himself. I got a different colour in the same style. I thought it indicated he loved her more. Silly, of course. All this emotion in a terry toweling hat! Every time I see the hat I think of my father and my jealousy of not having the same colour as his hat. So why am I punishing myself and keeping negative sentimental clutter – something that brings up sad emotions and reminds me of my incorrect assumptions made as a child?

You know the other guilt/self-flagellation that hoarders torment themselves with? Disposing of something that might be useful which you might need and then would have to pay to replace! Silly when I have 3 caps and two other sun hats. I don’t need it and as I am not going to wear it, why would I ever need to replace it after disposal?

Who would have thought one object could be the receptacle of so many emotions?

Think not only of the cupboard space freed up but of the emotional space!


(Hat on a lamp so you can see it is a hat!)