Decluttering sheets

There are only so many old, worn out sheets you can keep for drop sheets for potential paint jobs. Given I haven’t done any house painting for many years, hired a painter for our last job and am likely to hire a painter for our next job, I really don’t need drop sheets.

But being someone who likes to hang onto to things for possible use, I have kept too many old sheets. Ripped ones, holey ones, worn ones, burnt ones (don’t ask).

So to declutter the excess, save landfill, and be a bit frugal, I am cutting them up and using them around the house. I have used them as cleaning rags around the house in place of using paper towel. OK, they end up in the in but it saves both the sheet and the paper towel going into the bin.

Mr Sans uses them to work on his bike. Cheaper than using Chux wipes! And again, saves two products going into the bin.

Soft cut up sheeting is great when one of my sons has a bloody nose. So much softer and more absorbent than tissues.

And they are really good to have in the car to wipe down smeared or dewy windows.

Decluttering and frugal and eco-friendly!

You may now call me, Oh Virtuous One. (Did I already take that title when I gave up alcohol on Tuesdays and Thursdays? No matter.)



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