Archive | April 6, 2013

Staying Strong to My Diet. Wardrobe diet, that is.

I have been avoiding shops and not looking at catalogues. What’s the point if I am not going to buy any clothes?

Today I went to a clothes and bra party. I felt confident I would be able to resist temptation. I was going to the party with the clear intention of buying one bra. I needed the bra, and it is really the only bra I wear, so it was on my OK list. I have been to many of these parties and have most of the clothes in the catalogue and I don’t like their lacey bras and undies, so thought I would be OK.

Well, they had a wrap top/jacket in a new colour. MY colour. It looked great on. My friends were encouraging me. Take it from next year’s budget, they said.

But it isn’t about the money. I have set a challenge and wanted to stick with it.

Oh but the wrap was/is so nice.

I had two voices competing in my head. “Buy it, it looks nice.” And, “Remember your challenge.” The internal debate continued. Surely one little item wouldn’t matter? And it would go with my other clothes in this range! The clothes you haven’t been wearing for ages. And one cami that you have only worn a few times. That range? But this colour is different.

My being honest with myself won. I didn’t buy it. And I feel better. What it also did was remind me about the three other wraps I bought and have hardly worn, and the skirts, so I will shop my wardrobe and bring them out for the cooler autumn weather.

Today’s decluttered item = a red dress. I so don’t want to declutter this dress. I love it. I love the colour. The material. The pattern. The feel. The cut. But I know it doesn’t suit me. The top is made for a much smaller breast size. My cup spilleth over. Luckily I have found it a good home. A young whipper snapper who will, I am sure, give the dress the outings such a beautiful item deserves.