Diet is 70% of weight loss

Michelle Bridges puts it very directly, very bluntly, neigh brutally.

Losing weight will always come down to what you put in your mouth; end of story.

No hope for me then.


I have already consumed my weight in Red Tulip Easter bunnies. Mr Sans wandered into a variety store yesterday and found a half price on half price sale. Love him. He knows I love this chocolate and can’t wait for Easter to have my sensual pleasure of cold Red Tulip cracking as a bite into the bunny.

So, three options.

Don’t eat any. OR have an occasional treat and little nibble (yeah, as if that is going to happen!) OR EAT THEM ALL QUICKLY and then start my diet!

Oh the strain, the strain. What to do? What to do?

3 thoughts on “Diet is 70% of weight loss

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