“Wow, you’ve made a dent in the Easter chocolate,” decried Mr Sans.

He refers, of course, to that bought by him on sale.

Jo, you were right. The siren song of the Easter Bunny was too strong. And deadly.

I can tell I have put on weight. I don’t need the scales to shock me. The waistbands of my clothes are a sure gauge.

But I cannot blame the chocolate. Not in a “guns don’t kill illogic” way. I have eaten more than chocolate in the way of bad things. And I haven’t been doing weights. And walking has been irregular.

I have a very busy life. I work a 45 to 60 hour week. And there have been a restaurant dinner (or two) a week for the past few weeks. So stress and highly fatty and high sugar foods have been consumed.

So let’s look on the bright side of my gorgeous, healthy life:

  • I have been sleeping well and have not fallen asleep on the lounge
  • I have been drinking a litre of water a day, in addition to tea and juice
  • I have been doing Pilates once a week
  • I have not drunk alcohol on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • I have been decluttering one thing a day
  • Some things I have decluttered left the house unphotographed. They were, pardon me as I speak softly, regifted. Two rings and a bracelet.

    I went through a jewellery box (a term I use loosely as the photo will attest). You may think little things may not make a difference, but they do. Removing these makes the whole feel less yuck. I cannot even fathom why I kept them all. But I know my reasoning at the time would have seemed sound. Re-examining your things and reasoning regularly makes sense.


    As part of my “use it up” challenge, I have finally used up the next product. I have quite a collection of cosmetics and beauty products that I need to use up before buying more. This felt like it would never end. It was well past its use-by but as it was only rose water, I felt there were no constituent ingredients that would go off or rancid.


    And finally, this product was useless. I bought a whole heap of Avon products for the feet. All useless. In fact I don’t think I will buy any Avon products ever again! So there!



    6 thoughts on “Opps!

      • I read this whole thread on Simple Savings about the use of Soft as Soft. So I bought a heap of Avon. Hadn’t bought it since I was at high school. Didn’t like it then. Thought I might have changed my mind. No, still don’t like the overly perfumed scent, cheap packaging and ineffective product.

    1. You are so right to concentrate on the positives. And there are so many of them. Well done! And let’s face it, if you didn’t slip up now and again, we would all hate you…
      Here’s to future gorgeousness sans bunnies.

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