Archive | April 15, 2013

What do I want?

After a weekend of reading blogs, I am feeling re-motivated.

There is so much I want, but conversely, I don’t know what I want to do with my life.

The last bit will sound strange to people who know me in real life. I have never been overly ambitious, but I have risen to quite a high position in my field. I cannot really go higher without moving away from front line service, which I don’t want to do. My work is important to me, which is good as it takes up a considerable amount of my time. And I don’t want to retire early or take a demotion or down size my house.

So what’s got me inspired?

I have always wanted to:

  • have an organised, gorgeous house with a gorgeous garden
  • lead a life filled with pleasurable things such as books and time to read, visits to the theatre, trips to the country for walks and picnics, trips to high tea& restaurants
  • travel
  • have a life, surrounded by family and friends.
  • be super fit and slim
  • And you know, I have some of those. My house and garden were gorgeous when we moved in. But teenage children and the demands of work has meant we have not maintained it to that state. And just lately that has got me down. My family are messy. I don’t use the word lazy because, like me, in other ways they are not. One spends hours studying for uni and keeping fit. Hardly lazy. Just a tidy house is not important to him.

    So I’ve been thinking: what do I want to do? And how can I get it so my house and garden stay gorgeous given our very busy schedule?

    And what I think is my 2013 Year of Lean is the way forward.

  • Decluttering one thing a day and not buying clothes means I will have space to organise and make tidying up easier.
  • Keeping focused on getting healthy through exercise, diet, water consumption and sleep will help my well being.
  • Looking after my back will save me from days of pain.
  • Getting my tax done will take a weight off my shoulders and give us money to do some things around the house
  • So I am back into it. Time to declutter. Time to move that body. Time to hide that chocolate away.

    What’s your goal for 2013? And how will it help you achieve your bigger goals?

    Today’s decluttered item = hair treatment. I have competing inner me-s. My frugal and greenie-no-waste me says use it up. My have-a-nice-life-with-things-you-like me says throw it out – you don’t like its smell and it does nothing for your hair. The declutterer won. This takes up space. Saving pennies is not my goal. Clearing my house is. Out is goes.