Book exchange

I took a pile of books to the second hand bookshop yesterday. Some I had “decluttered” ages ago but they had languished in my junk room. Does decluttering really count if the items haven’t left your possession?

For my efforts I got over $40 in store credit and promptly bought some more books. I wonder if I will ever get to the stage where I don’t have enough books to bring in and have to pay to buy the second hand books!

Don’t think will happen as I continually buy new releases from my favourite little bookshop. I like supporting independent bookshops. I love the atmosphere, the displays, the ability to browse and flick through books, the knowledge of the shop assistants. And I love the “extras”. My bookshop hosts book clubs. I know. Too cliched. But what self-respecting female, middle aged, book lover hasn’t joined a book club!

I also buy books that are hard to source in Australia via major on-line suppliers in Britain.

Yesterday I also took back library books and DVDs. Naughty me, I had a massive fine. I see it as a rental payment, a user fee to keep the great facility running.

All these books and DVDs were cluttering every surface in my family and lounge rooms. With empty surfaces, both rooms are looking better already.

I really should stop buying books until I have read the many at home still waiting for me. I don’t keep books unless I know I will re-read them or if they have entered a place on my favourites list. But if they do, another book must go. I will not buy more book shelves, and will only keep what fits on my existing shelves. The result, unfortunately, has been piles of books on tables, speakers, chairs and TV stand, in fact any surface. If I avoid the clutter starting I feel better in my house.

I think I will ban myself from buying or borrowing any more books until I read and declutter at least a dozen books.

Surfaces, darling, surfaces.

No photos. I forgot.


2 thoughts on “Book exchange

  1. Lucinda, I agree with all your thoughts about books. I also consider library fines a charitable donation, only shop in independent book shops, and am trying to limit books to the actual bookshelves. Must be strong!

    • Yes, Jo, you have expressed it well: a charitable donation. I have asked the library to name their extension after me as my “fines/donations” have helped with the funding.

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