I love an adventure

OK, not the pioneering kind. My kind of adventure is going somewhere new, and doing something slightly different, experiencing something new. And while I have been out bush and off-road in a 4-wheel drive, I still got to swim in a pool and turn on the air-conditioning.

This week away has really perked me up. I feel I ready to resume my challenges to get a gorgeous, organised and healthy life. I haven’t been exercising much – too hot – and have been drinking a bit more than usual – again because of the heat. I did do two yoga classes and some little walks. I am OK about breaking my exercise routine as the holiday was worth it.

Central Australia is really a different world from urban, coastal Australia.

The landscape is majestic.

I have travelled on roads that could shake the fillings out of your teeth. But ohhh, the sights!!!

This week I have seen:

  • Brumbies (wild horses)
  • Dingoes
  • Wild camels
  • Numerous birds, including kites, finches and parrots
  • A wild cat up a tree where it had been chased by a dingo
  • Lizard, snake and dingo tracks in the sand
  • I have swum in natural waterholes in deep gorges and visited Kings Canyon and the site of the largest impact site of a comet in Australia. I have learnt a lot about geology and topography.

    I have visited the Alice Springs Telegraph Station, Hermannsburg and ochre pits. I have learnt a bit about the Indigenous people and the early European explorers and settlers.

    Word of advice for those who wish to visit here: bring a fly net for over your hat. The flies would provoke a Methodist Sunday School teacher to profanity.

    When I download my photos, I will share some here.

    And a donga? It’s a portable home. Housing is in short supply and the rents are outrageous. So many people live in these mobile homes. They are also used for workers in the mines. Here’s the one I stayed in.

    The walls are like cool rooms – insulation between metal. This donga had three rooms, a bathroom and a very large verandah. Without air con it would be unbearable! So there was one in each room.

    Now don’t think I haven’t stopped my decluttering. Even while away I decluttered items, with the aim of returning with less than I went away. I will share my decluttering tomorrow.


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