Rumpole’s Return, Rumpole for the Defence and Rumpole’s Return by John Mortimer

The Trials of Rumpole and Rumpole for the Defence are short stories. If you watched the TV show you know the character – a slightly grumpy but quick-witted and good-hearted barrister. Crime shows have always been popular but this series was less about solving crime and more about how Rumpole defended his client.

Each chapter is like watching an episode of the series. You can hear Leo McKern’s voice so closely has Rumpole become Leo. Or Leo him?

Unlike the other two, Rumpole’s Return is a novel. And involves more detective work. But again it is Rumpole’s character that is the key. As the sole female barrister in their chambers says, Rumpole is the true radical as he never sells out and is never obsequious.

These books were perfect entertainment and great to dip in and out of while on holidays. I am inspired to watch the series again on DVD and I will definitely read more.


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