Archive | April 25, 2013

Travel mysteries of the Australian Outback

Some as yet unsolved mysteries:

Along the road in the Outback you will see large piles of brumby manure. They seem to return to the same spot and with accurate aim, add to the pile. Why is it so? And how do they get their aim so good?

Second mystery: why do European travellers wear socks with their sandals and thongs? And wear singlet tops and no hats in the middle of the day in extreme heat? And sun bake, again in the middle of the day in the tropics?

Third mystery: where do the flies go when you are not around? You get out of your car in the Outback, you can’t see any flies but you are immediately dive-bombed by flies. See this photo.

The spots on the hat and T-shirt are flies, yet you don’t see any just randomly flying around or sitting on rocks.

And another: Hotels supply long life milk for the tea and coffee in your room. It used to be fresh milk. I understand why they changed to long life but … Why do they put the long life milk the fridge?

And finally: Why do hotels give towels for every person staying in a room, but only 1 face washer?

Odds ‘n Sods aka Having a Real Look Around the House?

Just rewarding myself with a cup of tea after a bit of a clean up. What did I spy? An empty tin of tea bags. Mr Sans brought it home and thought it might be useful. We already have tins we use, AND we were given gifts of tea – loose leaf and bags – in decorative tins. This one is not attractive and while it may be useful for other things, I know if I put anything it the tin, the stored goods will remain unused as my family suffer from domestic blindness – if they can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Opening a tin is one step too many. Binned item!

We can look at our own home or cupboards and not really see things. Things sit there, or are hidden at the back of cupboards. Having a real look at somewhere you feel you have already decluttered or organised, can often reveal other things that can go. This is so true as you simplify and declutter. The more you do, the more you realise you can let go.

It is time to put the winter blankets on so as part of my clean-up I had another look in the linen press. Where did this come from?

Probably from a conference. As neither Mr Sans nor I partake in coffee, and even if we did we wouldn’t drink it on the run, this item will go to a friend who “just has to” have a coffee while driving to work. The cup was still in its box, so does that count as two items?

On the matter of the coffee craze, I much prefer tea. Such a more civilised drink. The making of it is quiet, the pouring and the crockery so more refined, and the smell so less overpowering.

A thorough dusting and vacuum ensued as part of the clean-up. I had a decoration of bamboo with lights entwined that stood in the corner. It made vacuuming difficult and wasn’t easy to dust but it just was something that sat there. We neither noticed it nor thought about it. A few fronds had snapped; it was no longer attractive. So I decluttered it. First I removed the lights. They still work so can be used at Christmas.

So have another look around your house and in your cupboards. You may find something that can go.

Now it is time for a walk. I haven’t forgotten my original challenge: getting healthy. 2013 is the year to get lean: me, my house, my paperwork. Wish my body was doing as well as my home.