Ooh La La A French Romp by Ann Rickard


This is not the book to read if you have to go back to work after the weekend. I loved her first book, Not Another Book About Italy. And this book had me from the first chapter which was when I sent a text to the friend who lent me the book, asking when we were going to Provence.

Lest I sound like a complaining old biddy, I enjoyed my time in Alice and I appreciate not everyone gets to travel as I do. And I don’t wish I hadn’t done the trip to Alice but the tour in this book would be a dream. And the food!!! Unlike the food in her book on Italy and Greece, the food in Provence sounds divine.

I now have another few places on my wish list. I soooo want to go.

If you expect a book on a tour to be all dates and flat descriptions, you will be disappointed. The characters and dramas in this account bring the book to life. Read it. I am sure you will want to join Ann on a tour. I do!

2 thoughts on “Ooh La La A French Romp by Ann Rickard

    • Oh, I don’t think I can bear the responsibility. What if you don’t like it? Will our blogging friendship end? Will you think less of me? Ann did become a bit annoying. I wouldn’t want my tour guide to get drunk with me, nor see the breasts of my tour guide. But the book did reignite my desire to learn French.

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