It’s only a button.

Another instance of “don’t you hate it when” brought to you by Lucinda.

A button comes off a top. Not any old button. A button specially made for the top. But that’s OK as the top came with a spare for just this scenario. Unfortunately you put the button somewhere safe and now you can’t remember where that was. So you put the shirt somewhere safe until you can locate the button. And weeks later you find the button while looking for something else. (Cause you forgot all about having a top with a missing button and that you were going to locate the spare.) But now where’s the top? OK, so let’s put the button somewhere obvious because the top will turn up soon, after all, it’s in the cupboard with other tops, how hard can it be to find? Top turns up and you just know the button is somewhere but where? Several hours go by, looking in all the spots you put special little things and spare buttons. You turn up with all manner of spare buttons previously put somewhere safe but not THE ONE.

This is not the time to give up. You know if you admit defeat and throw the top away, the button will turn up the day after rubbish collection.

This is the time to organise your sewing basket. You don’t have one! Doesn’t everyone have a sewing basket? Even none sewers?

I don’t sew but I mend clothes. Well… I can stretch to replacing a button, fixing a seam and a hem, replacing elastic in PJs, and taking in pants with a dart. My stitches wouldn’t pass my old Textiles teacher’s eagle eye but my family of males think I am nothing short of amazing. Rumplestiltskin has nothing on me.

Time for a diversion. I sort my sewing basket and put ALL the buttons I find in a container in the basket. (Well, all that I find, but not THE ONE obviously.) I containerise (love the freedom to turn nouns into verbs) my threads and pins. I throw away rubbish and old cross-stitch patterns.


One last look for said button. Yes, success!!! With my important papers! Of course! Several hours wasted but at least I used up the time I was going to spend scrubbing the shower. So my day wasn’t wasted – I got out of that job!

You know they are right but don’t you just want to slap people who say, “Everything in its place and a place for everything”?

Lesson learned!

3 thoughts on “It’s only a button.

  1. Oh, my goodness, another splattering-mouthfuls-of-tea-across-laptop-keyboard moment. I am so glad that you… got to miss scrubbing the bathroom.

    • I wish there was a like button, in the manner of Facethingy. I would “like” all your comments. You always make me smile. Your comments make me feel better, especially this today as I am a little under the weather. Self-inflicted. My mother would have no compassion, being a teetotaller.

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