Unintended decluttering

I did a mad tidying up yesterday to make the house look clean, tidy and gorgeous for some guests. It is amazing how more beautiful the house looks when there is no clutter.

Of course you cannot avoid having things out that you use in day-to-day life but why only have the house looking gorgeous for guests? Surely I deserve to have the house looking calm and beautiful?

The way forward is to put things away and have fewer things.

Every little thing counts.

Yesterday, I threw away numerous pieces of paper and this little torch which was never used and kept in a place where, even if we hadn’t forgotten all about it, would not have been able to locate it should we need a torch.

Each thing removed from cupboards and drawers full of bits and bobs, aka junk drawers, means the remaining space can be more organised and then things will have a definite home with drawers having assigned purposes. Rather than saying, “Oh, just pop it in one of the drawers or shelves”, we will know exactly where our things live and where to find the things when we need them, let alone knowing exactly what we own!

Good plan!

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