Archive | April 29, 2013

The Great Wardrobe Diet – a third of the way.


I am feeling oh so virtuous.

Four months into my wardrobe diet and the only thing I have bought is a new bra. I thought I might need a new pair of socks for walking and Pilates but then I found one that I hadn’t worn as they had hidden themselves in the back of the cluttered sock and stocking drawer.

I have not felt deprived nor have I felt dowdy.

I have reinvigorated my wardrobe, wearing things together to create new outfits; wearing clothes I haven’t worn for a while, in some cases years; wearing clothes that haven’t been worn since trying them on in the shop change room.

As I declutter and organise my wardrobes and cupboards, I like the clothes I have so much more. They look so pretty sitting or hanging without being squashed. And barring a few instances, it is easier to locate particular clothes.

My weekends are more peaceful as I haven’t wasted time wandering around shopping centres, looking for clothes I don’t really need.

Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t desired something new, something pretty. I saw a gorgeous dress in a magazine and investigated its purchase from the shop. They no longer had the dress, so that saved me. Really, I mean, I have enough pretty dresses. I am learning the feeling of enough.

And now that winter is approaching I will have the opportunity to wear my winter gear – a whole new wardrobe without any shopping.

Today’s decluttered item = more cheap bath products.