Coping skills – Day 1

The only person we an control is ourselves. And most people don’t do that too well.

I have learnt to not let the words or actions of strangers, acquaintances and friends affect me. Although others might say I wear my heart on my sleeve and my displeasure or otherwise is obvious, I don’t get angry or distressed or sad. (I will share in future posts how I have learnt to control my emotions.)

Still, even with this apparent equanimity, the pressures of work, interacting with others and dealing with idiots in the traffic and urban living, has an effect internally. So these coping strategies should help.

Now time for today’s log:

  • 1. Did I have a laugh today?
  • Yes.

  • 2. Did I give someone a hug today?
  • Yes.

  • 3. Did I go some deep breathing?
  • Yes.

  • 4. Did I do a relaxation activity, such as read a book, have a bath, light a candle, dream, call someone and have a chat, sit in the sun?
  • Yes, had a bath.

  • 5. Did I do something good for someone else or be nice to someone?
  • Mmmm? Think so.


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