Tuesday’s Mini Mission

Every Monday, Colleen at 365 Less Things gives ideas to declutter parts of our lives. Tuesday’s mission this week is kitchen utensils.

Being a joiner, I have jumped right in.

Today’s decluttered item = potato peeler. Only small, but bit by bit? No? We have three peelers, and only use one. So why keep the others? I’ll tell you why. In case the one we like breaks or goes missing or stops working. Then in that dire emergency, we’d have a spare to use. Of course, we’d go out to the shops to buy a replacement of the one we like. But that might take weeks. And how on earth would we cope in that time? (I know, I know. I cold do as my mother did and use a vegetable paring knife.)

So we keep spares just in case. The questions are: is it worth having our drawers cluttered; is it worth fighting through our collection of implements to find The One we want; is it worth having difficulty cleaning drawers because they have too much stuff in to wipe out?

No. Say that with more certainty. NO!

So out goes one peeler. (Whispering, keeping one for just in case. Baby steps, baby steps. It may go as I move further on my journey to organised living.)


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Mini Mission

  1. Lucinda you will be pleased to know I also have two peelers. They are in constant use and often both end up in the dishwasher at the same time. I don’t however have a garlic press, a melon baller, a rotary grater, apple corer, gas stove starter, an electric knife, a spare bottle opener, a third peeler, a julienne peeler, chop sticks, a second set of corn holders, a forth spatula (do have three), a second pizza cutter or the two scone cutters out of the set of three of which I only ever used one.

    When I scrolled back through my photos of decluttered items I though this list would be longer because I though I had gotten rid of a lot more things than that. But I can tell you that my utensils drawer is now a delight to use because it is not such a cluttered mess.

    • Thank you for the support and encouragement, Colleen. I realise if I declutter one thing a day from my kitchen gadget drawers (that’s right I have more than one gadget drawer, I have 3 drawers full of gadgets and a section in my cutlery drawer – and they are wwwwiiiiiddddeee drawers), so if I declutter one thing a day and just focus on the kitchen, I will be at it for two years. I think I will have to do a bit of a blitz as I am doing in my junk room.

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