Wednesday’s Mini Mission

Joined in with Colleen’s mini missions? I know lots of people have been inspired my her. She has motivated me to declutter. I am a long way from leading a minimalist life, if I even ever want to, but I have to get stuff out.

And I am trying to do so without adding to landfill. I don’t want to sell. Why add stress to my already overcrowded life? Why add more to do? And I didn’t buy things in order to make money. The money’s gone; I’m not budgeting for it to come back. So much of what I declutter goes to local charity shops.

As does today’s item. Following Wendesday’s mission, I am decluttering a stationery item.

Today’s decluttered item = a book borrowing thingy. It has post-it notes and a pad for keeping a record of books loaned to people. Given by a friend, I received it with joy. The joy was in being thought of and having someone care enough to buy me a gift. I still hold that positive emotion and don’t need the gift to remember that the friend is a thoughtful, kind person with whom I am glad I have a relationship.


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