Archive | May 24, 2013

Procrastination? Distraction?

So, I have to ask myself: has focusing on emotional well-being and coping skills really been so I don’t have to address my poor, and sometimes atrocious, eating habits?

It has been good to remind myself to treat my family well. And to take time to do little things I enjoy.

But, you know, I do see beauty everywhere. Here’s a photo from my back door. The ever changing colours always give me pleasure.

And I am an optimistic, glass-is-looking-quite-full kinda gal.

Here’s another gratuitous shot of beauty from my front yard.

20130524-171744.jpg Love looking at this tree!

My back has been what is strangely called “out” for nearly 4 weeks. Osteopath and massage therapy have given intermittent relief. Some drugs have relieved the pain, others have done next to nothing. As a result, I have not been doing any exercise. I was already getting slack with the Strong Women routine, but did Pilates and yoga every week last term, and at least 4 walks a week. Now nothing is possible. And I can feel the difference in my waist.

Ironically, stress is probably a major contributing factor to my back pain. That and prolonged sitting, poor posture and not doing my hip stretches.

So for all my pronouncements, written as if I am a paragon and guru to be followed, these coping skills haven’t helped my back. Or maybe they have, and I’d be an unbearable grump if I wasn’t addressing them?

Anyway, Friday night. No time for more blithering. I’m joining my back and going out. Out for a drink and nibbles. Alcohol purely for medicinal purposes, don’t you know!

Today’s coping activities log = Laugh, Hugs, something nice for self and something nice for someone else? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Today’s decluttered item = children’s book. Given to a colleague who has a new grandchild.