Procrastination? Distraction?

So, I have to ask myself: has focusing on emotional well-being and coping skills really been so I don’t have to address my poor, and sometimes atrocious, eating habits?

It has been good to remind myself to treat my family well. And to take time to do little things I enjoy.

But, you know, I do see beauty everywhere. Here’s a photo from my back door. The ever changing colours always give me pleasure.

And I am an optimistic, glass-is-looking-quite-full kinda gal.

Here’s another gratuitous shot of beauty from my front yard.

20130524-171744.jpg Love looking at this tree!

My back has been what is strangely called “out” for nearly 4 weeks. Osteopath and massage therapy have given intermittent relief. Some drugs have relieved the pain, others have done next to nothing. As a result, I have not been doing any exercise. I was already getting slack with the Strong Women routine, but did Pilates and yoga every week last term, and at least 4 walks a week. Now nothing is possible. And I can feel the difference in my waist.

Ironically, stress is probably a major contributing factor to my back pain. That and prolonged sitting, poor posture and not doing my hip stretches.

So for all my pronouncements, written as if I am a paragon and guru to be followed, these coping skills haven’t helped my back. Or maybe they have, and I’d be an unbearable grump if I wasn’t addressing them?

Anyway, Friday night. No time for more blithering. I’m joining my back and going out. Out for a drink and nibbles. Alcohol purely for medicinal purposes, don’t you know!

Today’s coping activities log = Laugh, Hugs, something nice for self and something nice for someone else? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Today’s decluttered item = children’s book. Given to a colleague who has a new grandchild.


7 thoughts on “Procrastination? Distraction?

  1. Oh, what a beautiful autumn garden you have! Is that a giant wisteria threatening to escape and take over the suburb? It must be glorious in spring.
    So sorry to hear about your back. Alcohol and nibbles will definitely fix that.

    • Well spotted, Gardener Jo. Giant wisteria has taken over back verandah. I don’t water or fertilise this garden. Lovely rich soil and a very wet suburb of Sydney. With lots of sunshine makes for very happy plants. lucky for my plants they live in a great place as they have a neglectful mother.

      This area is a waste of prime food producing land.

    • Mmmm, is there something special about garlic and pea growing? Or do they do well with a neglectful carer? Or did you just mean any plants for food?

      That said I do love garlic and try to buy Australian garlic when it is in season, and Aust. or NZ peas. Love peas with mint jelly! Yum!

  2. You could plant garlic and peas RIGHT NOW my dear. Today. And you would have peas in spring and garlic at Christmas. Go on, you know you want to…

    • I soooo want a garden. I used to “garden” a lot. I have had herb gardens, veggie gardens, a garden which focused on grevilleas. But with my current work load, garden will become a chore, not a release. Eg, this week I worked a 6 day week, including 7 hours on Saturday. So come weekends I have to do chores to keep the house running like grocery shipping and cleaning and I like to rest my weary bones.

  3. I’m impressed that you know where your limits are. It takes a lot of self-knowledge to draw a boundary line for new projects, even if you want to do them. By all means, continue to do the grocery shopping. I’m sure the family will be grateful!
    And rest well….

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