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Why store so much junk?

I revealed the horror that is my clutter – resulting in the room you cannot enter.

I find myself asking why I have kept such junk. Was it laziness? I don’t believe it was totally so. At the time of putting things in the study, I know I thought they would be useful – for my sons’ school assignments (one left school over two years ago!); for work; for ideas to holiday, to cook, to decorate; for craft. And sometimes I thought things would be useful for children in the extended family.

Really, what I am tossing, excepting those very rare cases which I am donating, is worthless rubbish.

Again and again, I ask myself: why have you bloody well kept that?

Here’s some more rubbish from my junk room:

How much paper can one family collect? When there are teachers in the family, the answer is too much.20130519-192408.jpg

And with the paper comes broken folders and lanyards. The latter also seem to breed in our house. You may notice an X-ray envelope here too.
These magazines came in the reusable bags. They were extras from a careers expo. I thought the bags would be useful. But I have so many. These languished on the floordrobe of the junk room so clearly weren’t needed. And of course, more paper is in this lot.
More stationery. Bored yet? What about the little tile? Can you find that? I think I kept that as a reminder of the colour I want. And can you spy the little Matchbox car? My sons stopped playing with them years ago, perhaps a decade ago.

More stationery, packaging from stationery and toy money.

Oh I give up describing this stuff. It is bits and bobs, odds and sods, this and that. Some is off to a charity shop and some to the bin.





Enough for today. I will persevere another day.

I think I don’t need before and after photos of this room. Your imagination can fit all this junk into one room. Not pretty is it?