Archive | May 28, 2013

I’m not a hoarder but…

Sarah from live to list in her comment encouraged me to take before and after photos.

Well, it will be ages before I can take “after” photos. But here are the before photos of my junk room. And not before-before photos, because it was originally a study and I could actually sit at the desk. Now, well the photos speak for themselves.

Starting from behind the door: 20130528-204612.jpg
Working around the room:20130528-204716.jpg
Can we just back to that desk! And have a close-up of the book in the desk. 20130528-204816.jpg

Is that “Paper Flow”? The book on dealing with paper? How ironic! It is being buried by paper. No flow then?

Anyway, let’s continue our journey around the room.20130528-205020.jpg
The bare shelves are the result of recent decluttering.

And finally, walking out of the room, with a backward glance:20130528-205539.jpg
Now time for today’s log:

  • 1. Did I have a laugh today?
  • Yes.

  • 2. Did I give someone a hug today?
  • Yes.

  • 3. Did I do a relaxation activity, such as read a book, have a bath, light a candle, dream, call someone and have a chat, sit in the sun?
  • Stared out the window during breakfast. Went to Pilates.

  • 4. Did I do something good for someone else or be nice to someone?
  • Yes, helped someone with family difficulties.

    Today’s decluttered items = Some craft paper. But as the above photos show, I have a lot to go.


    A misty old morning

    It’s a misty morning. This brings its own beauty.

    Mist is something we don’t see often in these parts. And this is the first one of autumn.

    Here’s the view I stare at as I have my breakfast.

    And from the outside:

    I am feeling very calm. A wonderful start to the day. This definitely counts as my “do a relaxation activity” for today.