Archive | June 1, 2013

What are you eating?

The month of May was focused on daily activities for emotional well-being; doing daily coping activities as part of a healthy life. I have previously focused on drinking more water, improving my sleep hygiene, and doing exercise.

Due to some significant back problems, exercising has slid to the way-side. (And i so miss my walks as they are my de-stress time.) But this month I need to do what I have been avoiding since beginning this blog: look at my eating habits.

Some are good: I never skip breakfast, I don’t eat most fast food, I have porridge for breakfast Monday to Friday.

Some are OK: I don’t eat ice-cream regularly. I try to remember to eat fruit.

Some are bad: I eat too much processed or only-for-special-or-rare-occasions food. Food with no nutritional content, food high in fat. Milk chocolate, Nutella by the spoonful, biscuits, chips (as in crisps), cake, pastries, sausage rolls.

So I am going to track what I eat. I hope this will encourage me to make good decisions, to have healthy food ready rather than go for the snack food and to be more aware of what I eat and when. While I will make some changes, I am not going to hollus bollus change my diet, as I am not “going on a diet”.

Although I do hope to lose weight. I am back up to 68 kilos. I know I said throw out your scales, but other signs are also appearing that I need to lose some weight, ie waist is expanding again. Yes, I haven’t been able to exercise as I can barely move, but remember the words of Michelle Bridges: weight loss is 70% diet. So it’s more mindful healthy eating, but one that fits in with my lifestyle, my food tastes while recording where I am at now.

Finally, at the end of the month I will seek advice to ensure I am getting enough protein, calcium and nutrients. And what changes I need to do if I am not getting enough.

Please: no judgements. I will aim to be honest, and record the good, the bad and the naughty. I am not stupid. I will know when I have eaten something bad and won’t need telling that I should have not eaten it, or not eaten so much. I am aiming for some changes but more I am aiming to record where I am at now, what I do that has me at the slow incremental weight gain, so i can make small changes. If I record a diet that is not my normal eating plan, it is doomed for failure. I will return to my eating habits and gain weight as we all know diets don’t work.