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Days 1 and 2

The tracking begins. My weekend eating patterns are very different from the working week.

Breakfast generally is late and leisurely. So I don’t normally have morning tea or fruit, lunch is late and much of my afternoon eating depends on alcohol consumption.


  • Breakfast, at 10am: small glass of calcium enriched juice, two slices of ciabatta with butter and jam, 3 cups of tea with about half a cup of full cream milk. I will not drink tea with light white or low fat milk!
  • 20130601-132635.jpg
    This photo was taken last month when I had 3 slices. I only had 2 today. But you can see the size of the slices, the size of the tea cup, and the milk jug. I use one milk jug’s worth of milk between the 3 cups of tea.

  • Morning tea, at 12.30: a cup of tea in the same size tea cup.
  • Fruit, at 1.30pm: one mandarin.
  • Mmm! Now it becomes messy. Went to a friend’s for birthday drinks and early dinner. (Just an aside. Why is there a word for breakfast mixed with lunch – brunch – but not for lunch mixed with dinner? I hate eating breakfast or brunch out. I love having breakfast alone and in quiet. Anyway, as a curator of my own words I had lunner – lunch and dinner.) All up about 5 glasses of bubbles, plateful of Caesar chicken salad (chook was roasted, and yes, I ate the skin. I loooove the skin), salad had a creamy sauce. Also had roasted parsnips, roasted with sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. So yummy.

    And dessert? Are you ready?

    3 profiteroles stuffed with custard.

    Finished off with few glasses of water.

    Came home and had mouthful of low fat apple, banana and cinnamon cake with two cups of tea.

    Need a couple of glasses of water.


  • Breakfast, around 9.30-10: same as yesterday.
  • Lunch, around 2pm: two slices of ciabatta with marinated Persian feta. God, it’s good! And a mandarin, followed by two cups of tea.
  • 20130602-143140.jpg

  • 2 glasses of Pinot Noir. For my back you understand?
  • Dinner, 6pm: one and a half bowls of seafood chowder. The first bowl had salad on top, the second half bowel had parsley. The chowder was cooked with heaps of seafood and carrots (oh, and cream).
  • 20130602-182132.jpg

    I will probably have a cup of tea later. This is probably the end of my day’s eating but if not I will update.

    Edited to add that I had 2 Scalliwag biscuits. Great tea-dunking biscuits.


    Before and after decluttering

    Encouraged by Sarah at Live to List, I have some before and after photos of my decluttering efforts.

    Remember this?


    I have sorted and disposed of unseen items in this cupboard, so there is room for some items that have lived on the floordrobe of the junk room. Things that were not where they should be, eg gardening implements, were put away. The wall “art” was hung up. The whole cupboard was dusted and clean. And ta da:

    *whispering* Truth must be told. Some of the boxes were moved to the other side of the room. But mostly they were my husband’s stuff and I can’t make him share my desire to rid ourselves of stuff. When mine is all sorted, then I can ask. But while much of it is mine, I will slog or chip away at my own junk.

    When you looked back into this room (or even worse, glimpsed into the room because it is off our entrance hall) you saw this:

    Now you see this:


    That’s all I have time for this weekend as I have a mountain of work to do (for work). But I am pretty pleased with my decluttering. Now I just have to keep my darling husband from seeing the empty surfaces as reason to collect even more junk.