Before and after decluttering

Encouraged by Sarah at Live to List, I have some before and after photos of my decluttering efforts.

Remember this?


I have sorted and disposed of unseen items in this cupboard, so there is room for some items that have lived on the floordrobe of the junk room. Things that were not where they should be, eg gardening implements, were put away. The wall “art” was hung up. The whole cupboard was dusted and clean. And ta da:

*whispering* Truth must be told. Some of the boxes were moved to the other side of the room. But mostly they were my husband’s stuff and I can’t make him share my desire to rid ourselves of stuff. When mine is all sorted, then I can ask. But while much of it is mine, I will slog or chip away at my own junk.

When you looked back into this room (or even worse, glimpsed into the room because it is off our entrance hall) you saw this:

Now you see this:


That’s all I have time for this weekend as I have a mountain of work to do (for work). But I am pretty pleased with my decluttering. Now I just have to keep my darling husband from seeing the empty surfaces as reason to collect even more junk.

7 thoughts on “Before and after decluttering

  1. That’s a great improvement! Something to be proud of. Did it take you long? I really hope your husband doesn’t reclutter it, and enjoys the calmer space. So glad to see the before and after photos!

  2. Well done Lucinda, what a remarkable difference. I been you keep going back to that space to gloat a little on how wonderful it looks, and why not I say. 😉
    I hope that once your husbands sees the great improvements your decluttering is having on the home he will follow suit. Fingers crossed.

    • Now how did you know I go in the room repeatedly? I gloat, I twirl around, I admire the floor, I revel in the space. My husband is following suit now but unfortunately he is just moving his stuff to other places – under the house, in the garage, another room. But at least I will get my room back. And, as you say, he may follow in real decluttering.

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