Archive | June 3, 2013

Week day breakfast

I know you know, skipping breakfast isn’t good! I need a quick breakfast that is routine and needs no thinking. At 6.30 with minimal time, I don’t want to search for ingredients or think, “Wonder what I feel like?”

On weekdays, my breakfast is a less leisurely affair. I eat the same thing every morning Monday to Friday. I used to eat two pieces of white bread toasted with jam and a mug of tea. After I started my plan to be more healthy last August, I changed to porridge.

I wonder if it has lowered my cholesterol?

Porridge definitely means I am not hungry when I get to work. I used to start eating biscuits, lots of biscuits, by 9am because I was hungry.

So, breakfast everyday is: around half a cup of calcium fortified juice, a multi-vitamin or Vitamin D tablet (normally the Vitamin D), porridge.

I make my porridge with 1/2 cup of quick cook oats and 3/4 cup of water, two minutes in the microwave: I use the time to take the vitamin and drink the juice and get out the ingredients to make lunch for one of my sons and me. (In direct antithesis to my slow and lazy weekend, my weekdays are fast, furious and full, as a result I am very organised and waste no time.)

After it is cooked I add 2 teaspoons of sugar and just less than 3/4 cup of low fat milk.

When it comes to tea, I have to have full-cream milk, whereas in my porridge I only like lit-white milk. With full-cream, porridge is way too creamy.

Take it as read that this is my breakfast every Monday to Friday morning, unless I write otherwise.