Archive | June 4, 2013

Mindful eating

After my breakfast of porridge, what else did I eat?

I find it really difficult to track the food that I eat. It is so easy to nibble on something and not register it, and I don’t mean by recording it, I mean even being aware of what you are eating. If I save recording my food to the end of the day, I find I forget the little things I slipped in. But knowing I am going to be honest with myself has made me stop and think before I pop some things in. And I thought twice before tucking into a packet of something salty.


  • 3 mugs of tea with full cream milk in each of them.
  • Lunch: Small tin of baked beans, half a carrot dipped in pumpkin dip.
  • Afternoon tea: Small banana.
  • 2 glasses of red win. Don’t freak, I’m at home by this time.
  • Dinner, 6.30pm: biiiiiig bowel of rice and beef, chick pea, asparagus curry with big dollops of homemade Greek yoghurt and mango chutney. Dessert = small mandarin.
  • Tuesday

  • 3 mugs of tea with full cream milk in each of them, throughout the first half of the day
  • Morning tea, around 10am: half an orange.
  • Lunch, around 12.30: Toasted sandwich with cheese, tomato and cranberry sauce on whole meal, grain bread, small scoop of Smarties, about a quarter of a cup.
  • Afternoon snack, around 4pm: 2 small mandarins.
  • Dinner, 6.30pm: bowl of seafood chowder with salad leaves and parsley on top. Bite of sour dough bread with margarine. Dessert = small mandarin.
  • Treat, around 7.30: 2 choc chip bikkies.
  • Evening: 2 small cups of tea with milk.
  • Today’s decluttered items = 2 tins. One for today and one for yesterday. I am still decluttering one thing a day, even with the big weekend cleanup. These are those things you think you might come in useful but never re-use. Another example of “just in case” clutter. Is it worth have clutter, untidiness, mess hanging around for a “maybe” event? Especially when there are other containers that can do the job?

    How many tins do you need for tea bags? One, two max. The Christmas one I thought would be good for Christmas biscuits. But who am I kidding? I am not going to cook up a storm of biscuits as my mother did and even if I did, I wouldn’t store them in the tin. It isn’t that nice inside and isn’t air tight.