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Lucinda’s 30 Minute Meal

I love Jamie. Love his dinners. Not impressed with the standard of mangoes he uses nor do I like horseradish. But his 30 minute meals are the deal.

So in homage, I will give you Lucinda’s 30 minute meal.

Firstly the rest of my day’s eating.

  • 3 medium mugs of tea. Kinda of seeing a routine here? I live on tea to get me through the morning. Busy! Stressful! Relentless tasks at work. Tea can be consumed without fuss and without stopping the job.
  • One Scotch Finger biscuit. No time to even chew fruit. Need to get something in while dealing with an “issue”.
  • 20130605-184133.jpg

  • Lunch, around 12.30: toasted sandwich with cheese, tomato and cranberry on multigrain. In fact, as a woman of routine, this will be a recurring lunch.
  • Afternoon tea, around 5.30: 2 small mandarins It’s mandarin season. What can I say?.
  • Now to dinner: 6.50 pm: pasta with veggies in a tomato sauce.
  • And the stop watch is ticking!
    6.15: Put the kettle on to boil. Get the fry pan and large saucepan out. Put some water in saucepan and put on high flame. Pour in some olive oil in fry pan and put on a heat. Chop an onion, carrot (I like julienne, I don’t think rounds taste the same) and whatever other vegetable you have. For me this time it is mushrooms.

    6.20: Fry the onion and carrot while you fill saucepan with boiled water from kettle. Add extra water to saucepan if needed, which depends on amount of pasta to be cooked, size of kettle and size of saucepan.

    Now you know if you put the lid on the saucepan will come back to the boil more quickly, don’t you?

    What’s that in the bottom corner? The pre-dinner drink, of course.

    Get out magic ingredient – Leggos Chargrilled Vegetable Stir-through Sauce. I don’t use any other sauce. This also means you don’t need to add any salt, pepper or seasoning. You need a tin of chopped tomatoes – Australian grown, of course. This makes the sauce less salty and also adds vegetable and makes the dinner go further. And select pasta of your choice. I’m trying these ones because I like the shape. I don’t normally buy this brand. Those of you from Australia will know it as Woolies’ brand. I don’t support the stupidmarket duopoly, so rarely shop at Woolies, so this is rarely seen in our house.

    6.27: Add mushrooms. Pour pasta into saucepan. Add sauce and tin of chopped tomatoes to fry pan. Add some water. (Tip: put some water in the empty tin and jar and shake or stir around so you get all the flavour for which you paid.) The amount of water depends on how long you want to leave the sauce to simmer away which can depend on variables such as where the family have disappeared to, how many pre-dinner drinks you wish to consume, whether you remembered to put the pasta on. Don’t forget to stir around the veggies and sauce. And swizzle around the pasta, so it doesn’t stick together.
    6.30: Add veggies that are quick cooked. For me, this time, it is peas.

    6.33: Look for cheese. Realise it has been eaten and a little bit left to dry out in the fridge. Too hard to be grated. Stomp around, yelling at family, “Who ate the cheese?” I don’t like this dinner at all without cheese – grated cheddar cheese. But it is gone. Slam fridge door. Have a gulp of bubbles. Look for alternative. Ah! Parmesan and mozzarella. That’ll do. Not my choice but beggars and all that.

    6.37 Dinner is ready. But the cook isn’t. Cook needs another half a glass of bubbles. Lucky I added extra water. So let the sauce simmer down and thicken. But strain the pasta and put the colander over the saucepan to keep warm.

    Serve with cheese.


    I ate a bowl and a half. I know pasta is bad but I love this. I only used Parmesan, no mozzarella for me. I think it is a tasteless cheese.

  • Evening: cup of tea.</li

    Opps! Edited to ad, just ate small handful of chocolate coated peanuts. Yum! But bad.