Archive | June 6, 2013

Eating out.


I think it is probably just as well I don’t know how many calories are in different foods, or I might be a little worried today.

It was another very busy day at work – three mugs of tea before 12 noon.

  • Morning tea, around 11am: a slice of cheese cake. Mmmm! I know! I know! But it was somebody’s birthday.
  • Lunch, around 2.00pm: my usual. And 2 mandarins.
  • Dinner, around 6.30: Family dinner at the local Thai. I had a curry puff, a spring roll, a fish cake and a chicken satay stick. With different sauces on each. and a nibble on the lettuce and tomato on the plate.Some Tom Yum soup with two prawns. (Shared hubby’s bowl.) Two bowls of Massaman beef curry with rice and half a rosti. Very full!
  • No alcohol. I am trying to have Tuesdays and Thursdays free from any alcohol. And quite succeeding on this little challenge.

    But overall not a very healthy day. On the positive side, I didn’t eat the Pad Thai noodles. Apparently this is one of the very high fat dishes, though I suppose Massaman curry is high in calories with the coconut milk.