Archive | June 8, 2013

Week 1 Food Log

Friday’s food:

  • Morning break, around 9.30: 1 mug of tea.
  • Lunch, around 11.00: mini-quiche and half an apple crumble pie-thingy.
  • 2 mugs of tea.
  • Afternoon tea, around 4.30: 1 & 1/2 mandarins.
  • Pre-dinner: glass of red wine and small handful of salted cashews.
  • Dinner, around 7.30: Chinese at a restaurant. Glass of Prosecco. Then the servings of different dishes, some with boiled rice. Little pancake with lamb wrap, some yummy chicken dish, honey king prawn, fried battered coated eggplant, Mongolian lamb, eggplant hotpot, a piece of salt and pepper calamari, half a glass of beer and a piece of chocolate cake. I know the cakes sorted of doesn’t go, but it was a birthday celebration. I left feeling over full and that I really shouldn’t have had the cake.
  • I’ve just looked back on my week’s food. Not pretty, people.

    Is it any wonder I have put on weight? Every day I have consumed food without nutritional value and high in calories. Celebration or party foods, everyday. Sometimes food eaten as daily treats. Cream, cakes, alcohol, pastry.

    Time for a choice. What do I want more? That slice of cake, that handful of chocolate peanuts, a biscuit (telling myself, “But it’s only one!”), a couple of glasses of wine? Or 5 kilos off?

    Choices! It’s all about choices! Making the right decision. Wanting something ore than another thing.

    Come on, week 2. My eyes have been opened.

    Sustainable decluttering

    Challenged by Jo to reduce waste (although I’d rather selfishly prefer to reduce my waist) and to move onto Sustainable Sainthood Saturday, I bring you a challenge.

    What to do with this little number?


    Yes, it is a toilet seat, still in its wrapper. Bought because we were going to replace out existing seat, but the bolts were rusted on, and trying to remove them would damage the ceramic bowl. I do not wish to keep this little gem as, when I eventually get a new bathroom, I will not have a wooden seat. Of course, there was such a long time between my husband buying the seat and attempting the DIY job that the receipt had gone, so no returning it for a refund.

    We have had said object hanging around my junk room for over a year. (One of the stranger objects to keep in a front room, I admit.) And I don’t want this hanging around for the next few years.

    Here’s the challenge, rules and bylaws.

    1. No Internet listing. I am not going to list this. So don’t tell me how easy eBay or freecycle or Facebook selling is. I have done eBay but this item will need pickup – it’s very heavy – and I don’t want people coming to my house.

    2. I want it out of my house.

    That’s it. Only two rules. Any ideas.

    I had thought of reverse shoplifting. Taking the item, walking into the shop from which my husband bought it, placing it on the shelf and leaving.

    I wonder what shop security would make of that?