Archive | June 10, 2013

Long Weekend Sustenance

I don’t know that I did too well this long weekend! I did stop eating some things and stopped myself going back for more, such as for another teaspoon of Nutella. (I have never stopped at just one before!) Definitely earned the could-do-better stamp.

So let’s have a look.


  • Breakfast, around 10am: half a small glass of calcium enriched juice, 3 pieces of white bread with jam, pot of tea, milk for the tea.
  • Cup of tea.
  • Lunch, around 2pm: small tin of baked beans.
  • Party, from 5 to 9.30: well, memories are vague, so quantities are even vaguer. Quite a few glasses of sparkling wine, some little nibble things – couple of smoked salmon on piklets, one with roast beef, twisty pesto thing, some pâté twirly things,one twirly thing with egg, homemade sausage roll(s), little case with cherry tomato and feta or Bocconcini, mmmm, maybe that’s it!!??
  • Afterwards: piece of vegetarian thin base pizza. (Left over from kids’ dinner!)
  • Sunday

  • Breakfast, around 11am: half a small glass of calcium enriched juice, 2 pieces of white bread with jam, pot of tea, milk for the tea.
  • Lunch, around 3pm: 2 pieces of vegetarian pizza. Square of freetrade, organic dark chocolate. Cup of tea.
  • Dinner, around 6.30pm: BBQd piece of New York cut steak, oven roasted chips with ETA BBQ sauce (Is there any other brand! I know tomato is better, and BBQ is mainly sugar but I love it), lots of salad with mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and Persian Feta cheese with Balsamic salad dressing.
  • Midnight cup of tea, after coming in from night out, parched.
  • Monday

  • Breakfast, around 10am: small glass of calcium-enriched juice, 2 soft-boiled eggs, I piece of white toast with butter, pot of tea, milk for the tea.
  • Snack, around 2.30pm: small apple.
  • Another snack, around 4.30 (no lunch): one piece of white bread toasted with butter and honey and a mug of tea. Delish!
  • Dinner, around 7pm: homemade chicken, leek and mushroom pie with carrots and French peas. Thanks Jamie. This is soooo good. (I modified Jamie Oliver’s chicken pie from his 30 minute meals. Sorry, Jamie but I like my version better. Though I never would have got there without you.) And for dessert? A teaspoon of Nutella and a mug of tea.
  • Today’s decluttered items = still decluttering one thing a day, and here’s this weekend’s efforts:
    5 caps and 1 hat:

    Cracked folders and plastic sleeves. Sorry for the plastic, and landfill but there is nowhere else for these. Dastardly plastic!:

    A cardboard folder holder, squashed up and destined for the recycling bin:


    And a little item given as a “gift” from a home delivery company. This opens up as a shopping bag. But it stinks! No way could I even donate it. Why did they give it to us? And without a chance to say, “No thanks.”