The Perils of Conferences

I spent the last 3 days and 2 nights at a conference.

Conferences are the devil’s work when it comes to tempting one in eating and drinking to excess. Good intentions are forgotten by the first morning tea. And conference dinners are fraught for those who are trying to reduce alcohol consumption. Positively fraught, I tell you!

Being locked away in air conditioned dungeons, without seeing the real world, brings with it a whole other worldliness in which eating several pastries for morning tea seems quite reasonable. And butter chicken, beef bourguignon, Moroccan lamb stew, rice, Greek salad, bread roll and fruit for lunch? Why ever not? Oh, and now it’s afternoon tea! Feeling quite peckish. And I do so need a pick to wake me up.

I didn’t record all the food and alcohol that crossed my lips. Oh the shame! The shame! (To paraphrase Dr Smith.) I can’t actually recollect what I ate or drank. Vast quantities is as close to an accurate record as I can get. Glasses of bubbles were passed into my hand by others with frequent generosity last night.

And, if only I could say I burnt off the extra calories by fast and furious exercise. No time! No desire! What is it about conferences where it seems there is no time to actually do anything? And chatting away the lunch break seems more desirable, than getting changed to do a spot of exercise. The more you eat and drink, the less you feel able to move. In for a penny, in for a pound. If I am going to let myself go, go big, I say.

But in one area I stayed strong. I vowed not to bring home the gumpf from the conference sponsors. Last year’s bag of advertising material was only recently decluttered. Why have it messing up my house? Why would I have rubbish in my home? Why collect things I don’t need and don’t want?

So this year, I did not collect any of the little gadgets, knick-knacks, lanyards, pencils, “executive toys”. I decluttered the bag of advertising material before I came home. I have only kept a few pens, a cotton bag, a very good back pack, a few USB sticks and a couple of pages of advertising material that I want to share at work. The stationery will be used by my family.

This didn’t come home with me:


Back on track tomorrow.

I hope!

One thought on “The Perils of Conferences

  1. Did you manage to get any work done between the feasts? I want to go to a conference. Where are the conferences for housewives? I am so going to start one. The advertising slogan will be: Spend Three Days Away From Home With Someone Else Doing the Cooking. There Will Be …Um…Speakers, Between Food Breaks.
    I predict it will be wildly popular.
    Very impressed with everything you left behind!

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