Archive | June 14, 2013

Back on the chain gang

After a conference with continuous consumption piled on top of a long weekend of excess, I was not surprised to hear the scales sigh in exasperation at me expecting, hoping, wishing the scales to show a weight loss.

OK, the scales didn’t sigh. They showed no emotion. Even when they showed a weight I haven’t been since I was pregnant!

Is this a plan?


OK, time to do better. Let the accurate recording re-commence.

  • Breakfast: usual workday breakfast of Vitamin D pill, small glass of calcium enriched juice, porridge made with water with sugar and low-fat milk.
  • Morning tea: eighth of apple, two mugs of tea, handful of grapes, about 5 strawberries, eaten throughout the morning, from about 10am until 12.30.
  • Lunch: toasted cheese and cranberry jelly on wholemeal.
  • Afternoon tea: I use tea loosely. I had two glasses of bubbles and a banana. Not at the same time. About an hour in between.
  • Dinner: bowl of red curry with chicken, beans, brussel sprouts, red capsicum and rice. There was also bamboo shoots in the curry but I don’t eat them. Why eat wood? And 2 mandarins for dessert.
  • Sounds OK. Yeah, I had alcohol but it is Friday. Now before I reveal my shame, let me tell you what I refused today. I didn’t eat the piles of junk offered at morning tea. I declined chips (as in hot, greasy chips). I turned away from doughnuts and pastries. I didn’t even go and look what was on offer at the other table. I looked, but didn’t touch, the chocolates from the Cadbury Milk Tray, even though my favourites were still there.

    And now the shame. While typing this post, I have eaten four Scalliwag biscuits. Even typing about how good I have been, even knowing I am sharing my food consumption, even focusing on healthy eating didn’t stop me opening the packet, taking three and then returning to have another one. They are such good dunking biscuits and I had a craving for something sweet. And the two cups of tea just called for a Scalliwag. Craving satisfied. Now I won’t eat anything else for the rest of the night.

    Not from Australia? Don’t know what a Scalliwag is? Yummy chocolate biscuit, but not with chocolate coating.