First world blogger problem

Feeling blah! I don’t feel up to posting. Couldn’t be arsed logging my food.

But I check into my blog to see if anyone is visiting. (OK, it’s more a procrastination technique – flicking through websites rather than doing anything useful or meaningful.)

And then I feel hopeful when I see my stats. People are viewing my site!!!

Nah! It’s just spammers. Leaving crappy messages that don’t even make sense.

Any real people out there reading?

We will resume normal transmission shortly.


12 thoughts on “First world blogger problem

  1. Dear Lucinda, actually glad to see you are just ‘blah’. It’s been a long time since your last post – not like you. Was beginning to worry.
    You can quit logging food – I am a terrible enabler for anyone wanting to quit stuff – tell us what you are up to, and how annoyed you are about everything, and we’ll share right back! There is nothing like the comfort of communal moaning..

  2. Some spam comments are so complimentary, if disjointed! I read and I’m human (though you and another blog fell off my reader recently – I blame fat finger phone syndrome). Blah is an easy state to have this time of year

  3. Yes I am also reading your blog, which has inspired me to be more aware of what I eat – not to mention the de cluttering where I have found things that have been missing for years.

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