Archive | June 23, 2013

Back in the day

I have been decluttering my junk room. It looks less and less like a junk room with every passing day. At the moment I am sorting photos.

I take hardly any photos now we are in the era of digital cameras. I think the joy, the surprise, the mystery has disappeared.

Remember when you took one or two or, when feeling extravagant, three shots. Then you waited for weeks, months, even years, until the film was full and the photos developed. Back came the photos. A thumb in the way. Red eyes. Heads cut off. Over exposed. A few gems.

Now we take hundreds of shots. “No, wait. Need to take another one. That one’s not right.” And again, and again, and … “That’s e-bloody-nuff.”

Then we had the joy of looking at photos found in boxes, in drawers, and for the organised, in photo albums. Now, we save them in the thousands in our hard drives – only to lose them when our PC crashes. Or people turn them into books, as if they are professional photographers. Again losing the serendipitous encounter with our past.

Like some of these gems. Two with my sister. (We were often in photos together before she abandoned my to move interstate.)

Who’s that serious looking child? Not me. I’m the baby that my older sister is letting fall. Even the blow-up Pluto is looking on in surprise. I do love the black and white photos. Things look so more interesting, don’t they? Even back yards in the suburbs with washing hanging in the back ground.


And here we are all groweded up. In the 70s. I know, the purple poncho and black lace up boots are a give away. So on trend for the 70s pre-teen.

And what glamorous environment are we at? Hadn’t we heard of the Clean Up Australia campaign then? No. Anyway, we were at the Domain. With the speakers. Like London’s Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park. Politically evolved people were too focused on politics to pick up their rubbish.


Was I ever this skinny? This is me in the 90s. Obviously pre-kids.


Probably didn’t eat so many pastries or so much bread. Definitely didn’t drink as much alcohol. But did eat more chocolate. It was a gorgeous dress – sequins, halter neck… What’s not to love?

May the gorgeousness return!