Archive | June 26, 2013

Failed my tests

So, I have a bad back. Cause, consequence. Chicken, egg. Who knows?

But my increasingly sedentary life has not helped, both in the pathology or the treatment. Spend a lot of time sitting at work, causes a bad back, causes can’t move, causes bad back.


In the two months I have been “disabled” I have put on 5 kilos!!!!

I have had massage, osteopath, drugs, Pilates. All give temporary relief. But the pain returns.

I even bought one of those allegedly non-false back things on TV. Don’t bother. Waste of money. But when you’re in pain, you are willing to try anything. True!

So, my doctor recommended an exercise physiologist.

It’s a new profession. Rather than a passive treatment, as in having things done to you such as a massage, this is an active treatment. The exercise physiologist develops an exercise plan.

I don’t have that yet. Today was the assessment. Over an hour.

Hence the title: failed my tests.

I hate failing. And I tried so hard to pass. Even though the exercise physiologist said it is not about pass and fail; it is about assessing for treatment.

What’s my failure?

  • 70 kilos!!! I have only been that when I was pregnant.
  • Nearly 40% of my body is fat.
  • Over 40% of my waist is fat.
  • I scored very low on a functional movement assessment.
  • Boo hoo. So how committed am I to change?

    I want the pain gone.

    I want stability in my back.

    I want to lose weight and body fat.

    New challenges on the agenda. New routines and habits to build.