Archive | June 27, 2013

Exercise Physiologist

Thought I’d share with you what my hour at the Exercise Physiologist entailed.

Started with a few questions about why I had made an appointment – 8 weeks of pain from a bad back; my usual therapies (massage, osteopath) had give temporary relief but the pain returned with a day or two; anti-inflammatory drugs eased pain but I don’t want to take drugs long-term.

She then explained what an Exercise Physiologist does – assesses needs, designs an exercise program to strengthen muscles, turn right muscles on and build correct use and posture. The work has to come from the patient.

Looked at my X-ray report, asked usual about general health. Some data was taken – height, weight.

Then I had a full body DEXA scan.

20130627-073713.jpg Pout – too much fat, and in the dangerous place, ie around my waist. Remember this post? My waist has been a concern even when I was lighter.

We then had a discussion about what I hoped to achieve; what my goals were for treatment; how committed I would be to an exercise program.

Then I did the Functional Movement Assessment. Think you can touch your toes? Well, every exercise has to be done in a “just so” way. Legs together. Hands here. Back straight. Head this way.

I have been moving in a certain, perhaps unnatural way, to compensate for my bad back. This test showed it clearly.

Ever eager to please “the teacher”, I wanted to show her I could do it. “Look, I can touch my toes like this.” “But I can do a push-up/lunge/leg-raise like this.” Always kind, she responded that it was lovely.


Finally, more talk about how we would progress.

I will go back in a week. By that time she will have designed a program for me. Half an hour a week with her. And, no doubt, lots of homework. I’ve never been good with homework.