Moving on from a bad back

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors all recommend, if you have a bad back, that you keep moving, even if you are having an episode, and that you do regular walking or swimming.

I don’t like swimming laps, but do so enjoy my walking. It has been my de-stress. I have so missed my regular walks.

And I have seen how quickly the weight has piled on with the past two months of not walking.

So I am hitting the footpath again. Starting today, I will do a 30 minute walk every day this week. After two weeks of doing very little, I need to start carefully.

And I will be doing my hip and back stretches twice a day.

My plans may change after I get my exercise plan from the exercise physiologist but I am feeling up to starting to move again.

And doing my walk today got me out in the fresh air and talking with neighbours. Lovely.

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