Archive | July 7, 2013

A land of cliches

Apologies for the cliche, it really is a land of contrasts.

Nine weeks ago I was in Central Australia. Remember this? 36 degree heat. Open, never-ending sky. Views that seem to extend beyond the horizon. Vibrant, brilliant colours.

Now look!

No horizon. Closed-in grey sky. A view in monochrome.

A ghost gum tree, standing tall, majestic with its white trunk.

Trees weighed down with snow.


View from the verandah in Alice. Sitting on the verandah to catch some cool air.

View of verandah in Falls Creek. Sitting snugly in the lounge room, looking at the verandah.

Now choices! To go skiing in the fresh snow? To risk the back? (Remember it is prolonged sitting that does it in.) Or to sit inside for another day, watching snow fall, reading a book, and wait for the sun tomorrow?