Archive | July 10, 2013

Knave of Spades by Alan Titchmarsh


I love memoirs and autobiographies. I don’t mind biographies but tend to find them too dry, especially when they have too many “facts” and dates. I like finding out how people became what they are. And I prefer memoirs that don’t fuss about dates but give the broad picture with entertaining stories or anecdotes.

Titchmarsh isn’t that well known in Australia but I loved him on Groundforce and a few of the other gardening shows we got – I think on Foxtel years ago. So I bought this book online from England.

Titchmarsh’s memoir has lots of little episodes and isn’t at all bogged down in being a researched accurate account of his life. It is more like he is talking to us, telling a yarn, regaling us with interesting times in his life. He comes across as a lovely fellow. There was quite a bit of name dropping – names that mean nothing much to non-UK TV viewers and I did skim these bits. But how his life progressed is quite extraordinary. From apprentice gardener to student at Kew Gardens to teacher to journalist and author. He puts it down to being in the right place and having good mentors but a lot is clearly due to his hard work and his talent.

Today’s decluttering item = This book. Another one I won’t bother bringing back home. I’ll leave it for someone else to enjoy. I like to go home lighter than I came!