Archive | July 11, 2013

July’s Challenge


I like to set myself challenges to be healthier, more organised and all round more gorgeous. Some I have achieved easily (drinking water, not buying clothes, decluttering an item a day), some I have conquered after some set backs with concerted and sustained effort (improved sleep hygiene), some I didn’t achieve (tracking my food), some I am still working on (regular exercise).

This month’s challenge is having one month free of alcohol. You may have heard of Dry July. I had thought about it but decided against it. Our annual ski trip coincides with July. Who wants to miss out on Butterscotch schnapps? On cocktails at the bar? On red wine? Maybe I could just cut back a little?

Then I got the body fat results – too much fat. And my BMI results – in the overweight category. And then, right at the end of June, I got sick. Three days of not eating, including two days with hardly any fluids, even a glass of water had my stomach cramping. I had no desire for alcohol. So I made the commitment to myself and signed up for Dry July.

I have not had a drink for 14 days.

Now it may be that it is actually easier when I am holidays, without the stress of work. I will find that out next week. I haven’t had the need for a drink. Or even the strong desire for one. Not saying it wouldn’t be nice to have a drink with my husband at a bar down at the snow and there’s not much to do of an evening if you don’t drink. I am staying out of bars so I don’t tempt myself unnecessarily. I do like the social aspect of having a drink or two or three. And can’t see myself becoming a teetotaller.

What I have realised is that alcohol fills a niche when I am bored: time before dinner, what to do? I know, I think I’ll have a glass of … So I have to be careful I don’t just fill it up with junk food.