A beautiful morning

Woke up. The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The snow is glistening. (Channelling Hemingway – simple words in short simple sentences.)

Feeling very content, very happy. (OK, that’s not Hemingwayish.) Even the aching shoulder and knee and the huge bruise on my bum from a massive stack brings joy, resulting, as the injuries did, from a skiing mishap.

All the stress of work has dissipated. No demands on me. I can sit all day, or ski, or read a book. Or just look at the view and daydream.

Time to just be. Not to have to do something.

View this morning. Who couldn’t feel relaxed and content?


4 thoughts on “A beautiful morning

  1. I am very bad at skiing, because I’ve only started learning in the last couple of years, and am totally uncoordinated. We go to the snow when we can anyway, but it is NOT relaxing as yet, because it involves wrestling children in and out of coats and snow boots every twenty minutes, and picking them up when they are head-down in a snowdrift. Waiting for the day when I can just send them out and they can all look after themselves! THEN the snow will have relaxing vibes, not twitchy, anxious ones!
    You have a gorgeous day in the scenic sunshine (not Hemingwayesque either).

    • A late starter to skiing. Check. Uncoordinated. Check. Twitchy, anxious time in the snow when children were young. Been there. Oh, my stress when my children skied better than me (easier because I didn’t ski at all) and I worried that my youngest would disappear down the slopes where there were no trails and he would die of hypothermia.

      Now they dress themselves, feed themselves and can ski well. And I enjoy green runs and easy blue runs at a cracking pace. Nothing where I have to use muscles too much. Sliding quickly while standing up down gentle slopes is my thing.

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