A little bit of this, a little bit of that

One thing I realised when spending a week in a holiday unit, with few knick knacks and doodads and only a few changes of clothes, is that we really need fewer things.

Not only were we able to cook, relax, have fun without all the vast number of different things, and lots of very similar things, but it was very liberating. It was easier to keep the unit tidy. Less time had to be spent on cleaning. It was easy to decide what to wear and what to do. There was less mess, less clutter, less visual distraction. Surfaces, darling, surfaces. They were clear.

So I have raced through the house, looked at a couple of shelves in my cupboard and quickly picked a few things to declutter.

A “crystal” ball. To someone else.

A load of rubbishy bits (old loyalty cards, lip gloss, packaging) from a tray in my cupboard. To the bin.

A cake slice. To work.

A pair of old sand shoes that are uncomfortable as they won’t do up properly and are worn in the sole funnily. To the bin.

A pair of sandals that have worn out. And were never comfortable anyway. To the bin.

A jumper. I have too many. To the charity shop.

Bunnykins bowl and cup. To a friend.

Packaging. Used to wrap the bunnykins crockery to transport them.

A broken lunchbox and a “disposable” plastic container that held some food that was given to me as a gift. I don’t need more plastic, so unfortunately both go into the bin.


How’s that for a quick haul?

Makes me question why I have so much rubbish, so much stuff that shouldn’t have made it into the house, let alone be kept. I am a long way from having a “zen” house. I’m on a roll. Lets get rid of more!


2 thoughts on “A little bit of this, a little bit of that

  1. Zen is constant vigilance – seriously, your constantly saying no! It’s sad the lunch containers couldn’t be recycled, but it’s a bit of a fool’s economy too. Holidays are great from seeing the wheat from the chaff in terms of possessions, for sure! Nice work.

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