Archive | July 17, 2013

Guilt and your wardrobe

I have gone through my wardrobe several times and decluttered many items – clothes that don’t fit, clothes that I won’t mend, clothes I really don’t wear. In the meantime, I have not been buying clothes. I want to see what I have, to organise what I have and to be sure what I have is really what I want.

But there are still many items hanging around.

Why have I hung onto them?

Probably guilt. Guilt that I spent money on them. Guilt that I haven’t worn them. Guilt that resources have been used in the production of the clothes. And that guilt, again, that I haven’t made use of the clothes and thus contributed unnecessarily to energy use and pollution.

Then there’s the desire to save money and be frugal. Clothes are still good for work, even if I don’t love them. Clothes still have “a bit of life in them” so can be used for “around the house”. So again, it’s that guilt thang! Guilt at wasting money which means wasting my time – time at work!

What if I compare clothes to other items? I don’t feel guilty spending money on a night out. I had fun! It lasted only momentarily. And what about comparing clothes to gifts I receive? If I don’t like them and know I won’t use them, I don’t feel guilty regifting items or donating to a charity shop.

I don’t have to feel guilty. I have forgiven myself for much greater sins than the rash purchase of a dress in a sale.

I am letting the guilt go.

And along with the guilt, these items:

A jumper, merino wool, made in Australia! Don’t see that much anymore. But it is too bulky and doesn’t look good in me.

Two skivvies. I mean, who keeps skivvies? And I have kept two!!! Well, I thought I might need them for skiing, and thus save money by not buying more ski gear.


All these will go to the charity shop.