Dry July


I am now over half way through Dry July and into the home stretch. With 2 weekends left to go, I can’t say I am enjoying the booze-free lifestyle. But I am not pining for a drink either.

I wouldn’t mind one. Several glasses of bubbles over inane chat with friends. A nice glass of red before dinner. These sound nice!

It’s kinda like if I went without my cup of tea. I could do it. But I don’t necessarily like to.

Or chocolate. I have that little desire for some. Not a huge craving, where I am pacing around and crabby and short-tempered, biting everyone’s head off. But a little hole in my tummy, saying, “You know, a square of chocolate might fix this. Might be nice!”

I can’t say I feel a whole lot healthier either. Actually, I don’t feel different at all. And I haven’t lost weight. I have filled the evening gap where I had a glass or two with grazing on stuff from the pantry.

Still, at least I know I can do it. My will power is strong. Or perhaps, I am just not addicted to alcohol. I know I will make it through the next few weeks with no worries.

And there have been times that others might have wavered: drinks with friends, a dinner party, holidays. Events that don’t faze my resolve. Then again, I am not one to succumb to peer pressure, or the pressure of others. I am my own person.

So at the very least I have proven to myself that alcohol doesn’t figure as something that rules my life. I like it. I like the effect a moderate amount has. And I would be sad if I could never have it again. But I could do it.


4 thoughts on “Dry July

  1. You are so strong! Well done! I’m like you, a glass here and there, really only three or four a week, can live without, but it’s a lovely ritual at dinner. I am on some medication at the moment which means ten days no alcohol. Out at dinner last night I forgot, and drank a whole glass before The Man sent me a horrified look. Now I am convinced my liver is going to curl up and die, because I am a complete hypochondriac.

    • I am sure the clean air an water of Tassie will compensate for your one drink and your liver will be a lovely pink. I drink a little more than 3 to 4 glasses a week, especially when standard drinks are quite stingily small. But you are right, it is a lovely ritual.

  2. Good work! I know you enjoy the wine, but it’s clear that you’re not hooked, and it’s not really doing you that much harm (that you can sense), so chalk it up as good to know, and bottom’s up on Aug 1! I am drinking more than I was, but not a lot, like you. That being said, once in a while I go for 3-4 glasses (like Thurs) and then Fri is a little more headachy and hard than it needs to be!

  3. Oh,Sarah, those self-inflicted headaches, they’re the pits. I give myself no sympathy, but do try to convince Mr Sans that it is something I ate, not alcohol. He doesn’t normally fall for it.

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