Round 2 Exercise Physiologist

So, apparently my bum muscles are still not cooperating. And, together with a weak core, my back is not being supported. The aim is to strengthen both my butt and my core so my back doesn’t have another flare up.

I am continuing with these exercises from my last visit to the exercise physiologist. Two lots of thirty.

And now I have to add heel taps. Three lots of thirty, on each leg. Start in table top (for non Pilates people, that is on your back, with both legs in the air but with your knees bent, so your calves are parallel to the floor, hence the table top analogy.). Engage your core. Keeping your knees at right angles, lower one leg down so your heel taps the floor while keeping the other leg at table top. Don’t let your pelvis move! Three lots of thirty. On each leg!!!

And I am adding bridging with a knee lift. Again on your back with knees at about right angle, feet flat on the floor. Roll your spine up until until your knees, hips and shoulders are in a straight line. It looks like this:

20130722-195402.jpg While in the bridge position lift one knee and then the other. Lifting both sides counts as one. I have to do three lots of ten.

I am meant to do these three exercises every day. They are quite boring and, while I am trying to think of them as medicine or treatment for my back, I have to admit I have not been as conscientious with this round of exercises. Mainly because I am back at work.

Still I hope some of these exercises help someone else.

I’m off to do today’s lot.


2 thoughts on “Round 2 Exercise Physiologist

  1. Oh yeah, I can totally see why they are getting boring and you’re not as great at getting them all done. I was exactly the same with shoulder and wrist rehab. Maybe you need to link them to a reward (like a cuppa). Say to yourself, when I’ve done them all, I can have a cuppa and a flick through a magazine (or read an awesome blog… like… livetolist :p kidding!)

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