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My 30 minute-ish Jamie Oliverish Chicken Pie

Thought I’d share my adaptation of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute chicken pie.

First I’d normally start with a fortifying glass of something, but as I’m doing Dry July, no alcohol for me. Secondly, I’d normally do this on a weeknight – it being a quick cook meal and all. But the gods have decided I won’t do a roast today; it is the pie that must be cooked. OK, because I bought the mushies and leek last weekend, and they have to be used up.

Does anyone else do this? Buy the veggies and then not cook them in time?

Anyway, back to the cooking.

Jamie says to get all your stuff out and ready. What do we need?

His cookbook for starters.


I have two books- the 30 minute one and the Ministry of Food. I am making his carrots in a bag from the latter. I won’t post about them as it is the first time I have cooked them and I want to see what they are like.

I use whatever chicken fillets is the cheapest. Today it is tenderloin. About 750g. All other ingredients: butter, olive oil, leek (Jamie says to use spring onions, I prefer leek – milder and easier to prepare), mushrooms, mild English mustard (I don’t use hot English mustard as I don’t like the taste of horseradish), creme fraiche (you can use sour cream if you have it, creme fraiche is more expensive but has a nicer flavour), chicken stock (Jamie calls for organic, I just like the real stock, makes the world of difference), thyme, nutmeg, plain flour and frozen puff pastry (in Australia it comes in squares. I use one and a half pieces). I don’t use a food processor. I mean, slicing a handful of mushrooms and a leek in a food processor! Might save time before eating but it definitely adds time to the washing up.


Put your pan on heat. I use my Aldi copy of a Le Chasseur/Creuset. Love it. Add butter and lug of olive oil to pan. And heat.


Chop a leek.


Fry a little while you chop the chicken. Don’t let the leek burn.

Put chicken in fry pan. Fry until sealed. Stir around constantly (between chopping).


While cooking, slice mushrooms. Add to pan. Should be about 12 minutes in now. Stir around. Add heaped tablespoon of flour.


And stir. Add 2 teaspoons of mild English mustard (experiment with how much you like), some creme fraiche (I use about a third of the container.) and pour in some chicken stock. I guess about 300 to 400 ml. Stir and bring to simmer.


Add some thyme. (Jamie calls for fresh. It’s dark and cold out, so I couldn’t be bothered seeing what state my thyme is in. And it’s winter, so I haven’t been weeding. The thyme is probably covered in weeds.) So I sprinkled on some dried thyme and sprinkled on a little ground nutmeg, and some salt and pepper.

Cover with puff pastry. As Jamie says, rustic is in. Now, Jamie says to brush with an egg. I couldn’t be stuffed doing that. Waste of a good egg. The pastry looks fine without it.


Bake in oven for 15 minutes or so, until golden. While it is baking, wash lettuce leaves. Cut cherry toms in half, peel and slice a Lebanese cucumber. Toss salad with favourite dressing.

All ready to serve.


I served it with the salad and the carrots that had been baking in the oven. Can’t lie. The carrots were delish. Cooked with orange zest and juice, marmalade, bacon, garlic and rosemary. Sometimes I serve the chicken pie with Jamie’s French peas, a salad and mash.

A real winner.