What’s my challenge?

I have been so focused on work and Dry July that I haven’t thought through a new challenge.

Yes, I had a glass of red tonight. Savoured it. And then, in an act of decadence, followed the glass with a bubble bath.

Mmmm. What to do? What to do?

Think I will review how I am going on:

  • Drinking water.
  • Getting to bed at a decent time, without falling asleep on the lounge.
  • Walking four times a week.
  • Doing the exercises set by the exercise physiologist.
  • Eating two pieces of fruit a day.
  • Restarting my version of the Strong Women exercises.
  • Doing things that Dr John advises for emotional well being: laughter, hugging, something for someone else or being nice to someone, spending time with friends, doing things you enjoy.
  • And of course, I am still decluttering one item a day. And not buying any clothes.

    We all need to refocus now and again to stop good habits sliding.

    6 thoughts on “What’s my challenge?

    1. Love the graphic. You find two pieces of fruit hard? I find it easy (and often realise I shouldn’t go over, fruits not that great for you), but the five vege, wowa, I struggle with that! Whatever you pick, I’ll cheer you on!

      • “Borrowed” the graphic from Dry July. That’s OK, isn’t it, seeing as I did the Dry thing, and promoted it, and gave $100?)

        Regarding the fruit, it’s often that work is so busy, I work through morning tea and lunch, and eat on the run, so I grab biscuits. The sugar gives me the boost, and the flour fills me up. And they are easy and less messy to eat. I take fruit to work. Just forget to eat it. And then when I am really hungry, fruit just doesn’t hold any attraction.

        • OH yeah, fruit’s useless when you’re starving (first world starving of course!). A banana is ok, but an apple just makes me hungrier! I have some pretty bland GF snacks at the desk, and I figure if I’m hungry enough, I’ll eat them. And I do. It helps there’s no communal biscuit supply though!

    2. I am a hamster, and I swear by nuts and seeds for a pick-me-up. And in a pinch, apple+handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and a few almonds makes a meal for me. Nuts and seeds fill you up, protein plus good fats, plus yummy. And an apple for sugars.
      That is a great and inspiring list you have up there Lucinda, what a lot you have achieved this year. Can you feel those exercises helping your back yet?

      • Good idea. Will stock up on some things to nibble instead of biscuits. I can feel my backside muscles have switched on, and my back seems to be holding up. But I’ve also made some changes to my desk at work and how long I sit.

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