Archive | September 1, 2013

Temptation. (Or the avoiding thereof.)

I had to go to the shopping centre to buy a suit for my darling son’s end of school formal.

But you know how evil these shopping centres are, don’t you?

The lighting set brightly and no outside view, so you lose all sense of time.

The clothes laid out so attractively. So seductively.

The prices marked down, so you can’t miss the great deal.

I was all set to walk out. And then I saw this:


Just gorgeous!!!

I just love sequins. And this one was perfect for a woman of a certain age. Let me count the ways:

1. Colour. Bronze. The right colour for my paleness. Bronze is so classically expensive looking.
2. Length. Just on my knees. Many are too short, made for skinny young minxes, as they are.
3. Sequins. Sequins, I say. As Faux Fuchsia says, “I never met a sequin I couldn’t emotionally connect with.”
4. And the price. Of course, it was reduced.

What’s a girl to do?


    Try it on and fall more deeply in love with it. Put it back on the rack and break my heart.
    Buy it and hide it away; lying to myself, my family, my friends and my blog readers.
    Lay-by it. (Remember lay-bys?) and take it off lay-by next year. Well, no one has lay-by anymore. Young whipper snappers wouldn’t know of what I speak.
    Stop shilly-shallying. Put it back on the rack quick steps, without mental debate. Remember the challenge and the beautiful dresses at home that have been worn once or twice.

Yes, I did the latter.

The moral to this story is, don’t talk to bears while in the woods. No, wrong story. The moral of the tale: stay away from temptation. Don’t look in catalogues. Don’t visit shopping centres. If you have to, stick to the list and the shops needed for items on that list. Don’t drop in shops that hold your kriptonite.

(If it was January I would so buy that dress! Even if I have nowhere to wear it. And I have other evening frocks in my wardrobe. But it’s not, so I will just make myself a cup of tea and have a good lie down and dream of the sequin-liscious gorgeousness of the dress.)