Archive | September 8, 2013

Another one bites the dust

On a roll from sewing on two buttons yesterday, I attacked another shirt. This one has roses sewn on as embellishments. Two were coming off.

So being the queen of obvious, I sewed them on. (If you’re after earth-shattering posts full of intellectual content, my apologies.)

The shirt has been waiting for months and months. For something that took minutes! I knew it would but I just couldn’t be arsed to get started. Isn’t that often the way? With exercise? With eating healthier? Why isn’t it the way with opening the bar of chocolate? Or the next bottle of wine?


And then a made an attempt at a dress whose front seam had come undone. But found that the material had frayed. So sewing it up wasn’t going to work. And being where the seam was, front and upper thigh, it would be noticeable. Well, too noticeable for my liking. I am quite particular.

So off to the charity shop. And that means I now have 36 dresses.


And look! Nothing next to the chest of drawers.


Nor on the towel basket (a repurposed picnic basket).


Nor behind the door. (Except dust.)


And I sorted and tidied one shelf.


I am just going to rest on my laurels. All this goodness is too much. Too much, I say.

I might get back on track with the original intent of my blog – getting fit, slim and healthy. Then again who can be….