Archive | September 21, 2013

Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of Talk by Robyn Okrant

Well, it’s not difficult to see I am on leave. I’m reading books. Three in five days. Love it. Will need to attack some of the decluttering I have been shirking. But first my latest read.

I am on a role. Books where the author undertakes an experiment for a year. (My challenges are small fry.) This one started as a blog in 2008.

Robyn does whatever Oprah says she must, not just what Oprah likes, but what Oprah says, either on the TV show, the magazine or website, viewers/readers should do. From buying certain clothes to going to a CĂ©line Dion concert. (That last one would be a no way for me. My heart wouldn’t go on.)

This book is an interesting reflection on the modern desire for self-improvement and the power of the personality cult. Not as funny as Jacobs’ books, but a good read.